another MOOC story means another story about faculty concerns….

We’re seeing this more frequently–the story I posted yesterday regarding state universities working with Coursera is followed the next day with a somewhat more critical article lamenting lack of faculty involvement:

….Some administrators said the faculty were involved or were part of the effort and the contracts themselves make clear faculty have some decision-making authority. But some faculty leaders were nevertheless caught off-guard by the deals that were widely reported Thursday in national and local media. Some faculty accused Coursera and the state-funded universities of working together to experiment on students.

We saw this happen with a widely touted story about Georgia Tech’s deal with Udacity and AT&T–here’s the first story, where things look all bright and rosy, and here’s the second story, two weeks later, revealing the internal dissent and concerns.

As least it only took one day to reveal the backstory of the Coursera deal, as opposed to the two weeks for the follow-up on the GaTech/Udacity relationship….

In fact, there are plenty of stories lately regarding faculty concerns over MOOCs and similar trends.


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