strategic planning steering committee

We had a meeting last Tuesday.  spcs 2spcs 1

Below is the campus-wide announcement. We’ll post and share updates as we go….

From: Gallianetti, David
Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 3:54 PM
To: Gallianetti, David
Subject: Message to LC Community regarding strategic plan

To all Lakeland employees:

On behalf of college’s leadership team (Dan Eck, Meg Albrinck, Nate Dehne, Ann Flad-Jesion and Zach Voelz), I present the following update on the strategic planning process. Over the past several weeks, we have made significant progress on the institutional strategic plan. We started by deconstructing the process and work product of Kaludis Consulting. We reviewed all of their documents and work notes and framed strategic questions that required further exploration. To broaden our knowledge base, we read and discussed articles and reports pertaining to the state of higher education, the issues most likely to impact its future and the innovations that may likely impact the ways in which we approach our work going forward.

This exploration is challenging our personal and institutional assumptions of what a college like Lakeland may look like in the not too distant future. In fact, many of us believe that the higher education industry is already transitioning and that the pace of change will hasten over the next five to seven years. This makes our planning timely and exceedingly important as we chart our path through what could be very new waters. We are looking forward to sharing our ideas with you, and soliciting your feedback. We want you to understand what we are seeing, and for us to benefit from your thoughts as well.

However, for now we need to begin narrowing our focus and obtain the support of our Board of Trustees. To that end, last Friday at our leadership team meeting we agreed upon five overarching draft strategic goals. These goal statements include measures and outcomes for the institution and the community, and will be shared with the trustees at their May 22 board meeting. The objective for that meeting is to leave with 100% agreement on these broad strategic priorities, which are within the purview of the Board of Trustee’s responsibilities.

We have developed a timeframe that will allow us to stay on task so that the final strategic plan is adopted by the board of trustees in October. That will ensure that our work continues, we can implement some new ideas, and we can begin tracking our progress on this plan and continually improve it as we work together.

To meet our fall goal, we anticipate sharing these priorities with the Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) the week of May 27. After that, we will engage the broader community in the development of strategies and tactics—that is where we will be relying on you, the Lakeland community, to assist us moving forward.

Lastly, the Lakeland community asked us to create a more representative SPSC. I am pleased to announce that the planning committee now includes the following members:

• Meg Albrinck
• Jose Alvarez-Garcia
• April Arvan
• Deborah Bilzing
• Katie Culotta
• Mike DeRoehn
• Rich Haen
• Debra Hagen Foley
• Brett Killion
• Erin Kohl
• Josh Kutney
• Cindy Lindstrom
• Sharon Roob
• Greg Smith
• Bill Weidner
• Paula Wilkinson
• Braden Woods
• John Yang

If you have any questions about our process, or would like to share any ideas, please do not hesitate to call me at 1478 or

Ken Strmiska, Ed.D.
Vice President for Advancement




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