is the hype blowing over on MOOCs?

8573233746_08c7cfc967I wonder if the pressure to start delivering returns on the millions of dollars of investors’ money is pushing Coursera off track. Here’s a bit of a snarky take on Coursera’s latest announcement:

Remember when Coursera – the world’s largest purveyor of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – was going to disrupt higher education, and put hundreds if not thousands of public institutions out of business? I know it’s hard to cast your mind back all of eighteen months, but try. Actually don’t. Because it’s all over. Yesterday, Coursera did a weird strategy about-face by announcing that, rather than competing with public colleges, it’s going to start competing with Blackboard instead….

Full article here. The upshot is that they are moving into blended learning, or ventures similar to the Udacity/Georgia Tech model. Those aren’t MOOCs as much as they are blended or large scale online courses.


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