A week ago we held Lakeland’s annual Blasters golf tournament/fundraiser. weatherEven though it rained a bit, it was a terrific event. I never had the chance to meet NAIA hall of famer Coach Moose Woltzen, football Coach John Thome, or Coach/Professor Mike Devaney, but last week I had the chance to meet many people who did know them and who were influenced and shaped by these three gentlemen, and these alumni and friends are a pretty impressive bunch. Here’s some video from that event:

Often, for those relatively new on the scene, like me, names from the past can be just that–names. And some cool old photos:

However, what I’ve learned is that we should not miss opportunities to reflect a bit, honor the history of this college, and meet people who were actually there. (It’s not like we are talking about ancient history here. I can reach these alumni on their cellphones.) These alumni and friends can remind you what this college, and the people who worked here, meant to them. Those names from the past–Woltzen, Thome, Devaney–become real people, and that’s much more interesting, and it’s a good reminder of why we work where we do.

[PS–alumni, friends, and sponsors helped raise over $50,000 that day to support Lakeland students. Nice job!]


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