strategic planning continues….

photo 3

Here are some action shots of the joint meeting of our Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) and the president’s cabinet last Thursday. The SPSC presented their drafts of the 5 primary goal statements and the first priorities under each goal (roughly 4-5 priority areas per goal). I think I speak for the president’s cabinet when I say we were impressed but not surprised by the dramatic progress to date.

photo 2

What we’ve done so far is that the president’s cabinet developed the 5 draft primary strategic goals in cooperation with our board of trustees. As you might know, the board is charged with setting the college’s vision and ensuring that the college carries out its mission, at a very high level. Per our bylaws, the board delegates day-to-day operations of the college to the faculty and staff. So while the vision and overall strategy must be approved by the board, we (the faculty and staff) will develop and submit the drafts for the board’s “big picture” oversight and approval. As part of creating the plan, the president’s cabinet (the VPs and me) asked the SPSC (faculty, staff, and student representatives) to refine and flesh out those goals into multiple strategies. Well, they kind of insisted they be allowed to do this, so we let them run with it a bit! From here, the SPSC will use working teams to start putting actual tactics in place under the priorities.

photo 1

However, before we go too far down any one road or several, we are preparing to share the draft strategic goals, and the first level priorities under each of those goals, with the broader Lakeland community. So stay tuned–hopefully shortly after the holiday there will be some official communications and we’ll start gathering feedback.





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