What does a college president do all day? I don’t know, but I can tell you what an interim college president does all day. Lots of meetings.

Another significant part of a college president’s job, which I am doing and thus can explain, is attending events. And we have plenty of them at Lakeland. Of course other organizations also host events, and sometimes the presence of a Lakeland person at those events, most often the president, is important. We ask quite of a bit of our friends in the community in the way of support, and if we don’t show up to their events when they invite us, what kind of friend would that make us? We do our best to support them.

It is a bonus that most of these events are fascinating, and even fun.  Below are just some of the ones I was actually able to attend and that I remembered to take pictures of with my always-present iPhone.

This was the at the Plymouth Arts Center “Alive in the Arts” juried show–Lakeland professor Bill Weidner and 8 students had works selected for the show–Bill won an honorable mention, and Lakeland student Brent Villarreal won best in show.


We hosted our first Summer Solstice Music Festival, with Lakeland’s own Dr. Alan Mock opening for the Alex Wilson Band, which was in turn opening for the phenomenal Davy Knowles.


Earlier that day, we enjoyed our Blasters golf outing.


This is from our summer ELI program’s Carnival Night–moved inside because of lousy weather.IMG_4295

We also invited the dancers from our Movers and Shakers Gala to a thank you party at the president’s house. IMG_4276IMG_4274

We celebrated the end of a wonderful summer visit from our friends from East China Institute of Technology with a dinner in Elkhart Lake. (One important thing I learned at the start of the night: “Chinese wine” is not wine, and don’t treat it as such. Thank you, David Lynch.) IMG_4388


At our brand new Madison EWO center, we invited students and alumni to share  stories and appetizers. (There were many more people at that event than it looks! I took a picture right at the end of the evening…..) IMG_4385IMG_4383












I also attended an awards gala in another city that was very important to a good friend of the college–and was a chance for the college to extend its reach and make some new contacts. IMG_4357









Back on campus, this was our 1862 Society and Founders Society summer picnic.IMG_4364








Yesterday we had a picnic in Wisconsin Rapids for local students (evening, weekend and online), alumni and other friends, and today we did the same in Chippewa Falls. Alumni of both the Kellett School and our home campus attended. chip valley

The below picture is from an American Council on Education seminar in Chicago for first year college presidents. One of the timely pieces of advice: the number of events that you attend will increase your caloric intake. Exercise and eat healthy. Good advice. The Holiday Inn I’m at right now has a fitness center. As soon as I hit “publish” I’m going to go work out. IMG_4472

And then there was this event on July 27 (that’s me in the black), which was the primary reason I haven’t blogged for a while. Took a week off!! wedding1

Back to Sheboygan tomorrow–with a presentation to give at an event in the afternoon, and then one more event (dinner) in the evening. And then one more gala fundraiser for another nonprofit Saturday night. And then a breakfast networking function on Monday. And a lunch function that day. And another Lakeland EWO and alumni summer picnic Wednesday night in Milwaukee, and then Thursday night in Green Bay.

Mind you, I’m not complaining. I honestly enjoy them all. Prioritizing the events vs. “work” is difficult, but this is typical in this type of role!


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